Aubade Publishing is a family business, founded by Joe and Vonda Puckett in 2010 to publish Joe’s book The Dream; an incredibly nostalgic and moving rendition of the story of the 1978 and 1979 Peerless Panthers high school basketball team. Since then, we have moved on with the intent of publishing fantasy, gothic, historical fiction and poetry, to give debut authors the chance to see their work in print. We aim to give new writers the chance to be seen and read, and to guide them through the process of getting published for the first time.


Joe Puckett: Co-founder and author

Joe PuckettJoe Puckett, author and co-founder of Aubade Publishing, currently resides in Ashburn, Virginia with his wife Vonda and youngest daughter Emma. Although previously published in technical journals, The Dream was his first venture into creative writing. His favorite book is Ulysses by James Joyce.

Vonda Puckett: Co-founder

Vonda PuckettVonda Puckett, co-founder of Aubade Publishing, is an avid reader who enjoys both fiction and nonfiction. She has traveled extensively in Europe with her family, visiting Neolithic monuments and medieval towns, castles, and monasteries. It is no wonder she is a lover of the medieval fantasy genre. A graduate of Weber State University with a double major in History and English, she is an especially qualified judge of historical fiction. She hates choosing favorites, but if asked, Bram Stoker’s Dracula would probably be picked as her favorite novel.


Cosette Puckett: Manuscript Reviewer, Book Designer, and Illustrator

Cosette PuckettThe eldest daughter of the Puckett family, Cosette, currently attends the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She is majoring in English, and is set to complete her coursework in 2018. Reading is her passion and favorite pastime, though she also enjoys playing sports and crocheting, and spending time with her family and friends. Cosette also loves art—both creating and appreciating it—and has dabbled in everything from sculpture and pastels to painting and drawing; she has not submitted her art formally for anything, but would be happy to provide illustrations for submitted manuscripts. Her favorite book series is Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, though Eragon by Christopher Paolini comes a close second.